Being different

IMG_7320It’s never right to judge People. You don’t know what People are going through, so it’s always best to be kind. If people choose to be different and or live differently don’t judge or make fun of them. Everyone is going to see life differently, there’s no wrong way to live. There are just different ways to live. For example: My Parents and I travel across America and Canada and we don’t plan anything, we just go wherever we feel in that moment. Some find this odd while others say it’s extraordinary that we are choosing to Live this way. It’s still hurtful when People say  it’s silly to Live the way we choose. We choose to be different because this is what makes US happy.

So instead of making fun or using hurtful words to look down on how someone who chooses to live differently….just acknowledge that there are other ways of living and praise them for being brave and trying something new.🌻IMG_7373


Being on an unplanned road trip across America and Canada has allowed us to see some pretty remarkable places. One thing I highly recommend for anyone is to visit are the local farmers markets. Local markets have so much culture to offer. Great crafts, food, soaps really just about anything can be found at markets. Experience the local culture the best way possible through a farmers market😁


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whenever being faced with a choice remember never to make a decision based on emotion. If you are upset, take some time to regroup and have a clear head before making the choice. You can say some pretty mean things that you may regret later if you let your emotions guide your words. 💙

So remember to take a deep breath to clear your mind before making a choice😁



I grew in a small town in California. I’d often vacation to the beach but I didn’t learn to surf until I moved to Maui, Hawaii. The waters are warmer in Hawaii😎If you want to learn to surf I highly recommend learning in a place where the water is warmer. Even if you don’t particularly like surfing, laying on a board in the ocean on a sunny day is so peaceful. Boogie boarding is just as fun. Surfing has a zen peaceful quality to it. Somehow when you are out on the water everything else in your life escapes your mind and for that time you are ONE with nature. ☺💜💓

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If you can…rent a house on the beach, stay at a hotel on the beach or rent a van next to the beach. The ocean has many healing properties😎 You’ll learn to value every moment of your life.


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Whenever possible, try to help out. Simple ideas like restaurants, hotels, and grocery stores donating food that’s not being sold to people who need it much such a powerful positive impact. One person had an idea of not wasting food and resources and others decided to do their part to help as well. If you have more than you need, try giving away to people who are in need. Giving doesn’t just have to be to People, you can also give to Animals and Nature Projects. Donate your time to building something for your community. Why is it important to give? We are all on this Earth together, life can be challenging. If we all came together to help each other out…..we can achieve so much positive good.

I recently read perfect strangers buying hotel rooms and giving them away to Families in need of shelter. Giving can be as small as listening to someone who’s having a hard time, or giving a smile. Remember what it’s like when you are at your worst and how much you would’ve appreciated a little help out. 😁🌟😎


When you gauge success, do not try to be someone else’s success. Success should be what You deem is success. Trying to do what others have done will not bring you happiness and success. Life is about figuring out what and who you want to become. Someone’s standards may work for them but may not work for you and that may make you feel depressed because you weren’t able to achieve what others have. Do not be so hard on yourself, find out who you are. When you try new things you will for surely come across your up’s and Downs but you will have also figured out who you are. Let go of who you think you should Be and Be who you really are. Living by others success standards makes it more difficult to becoming that.🌺

Be your Authentic self 😎😁🌺✌️IMG_7319


💙💜✌️🌅🌺Some quotes to inspire calm in peace to your day🤔


“Peace is accepting today releasing yesterday, and giving up the need to control tomorrow.” Lori Deschene🌸

“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.” Carl Jung🐉

“May every sunrise 🌅  hold more promise, and every sunset 🌅 hold more peace.” Unknown

And most definitely remember that calm is a super power😁

Be kind to one another always💓🌺💙💜


Just ask

We’ve been traveling all over the Unties States in a car and the best advice I can give is….ask a local. Locals have the best perspective and knowledge. When in doubt talk to the people from that area. We have found the best historical monuments, Amish villages, factories, beaches, and restaurants because we asked the locals. You can find locals just about anywhere but if you are looking for something specific state welcome centers and state visitor centers have a lot of useful information. Strangers are just friends waiting to happen.  ☺✌️🤝

Strawberry 🍓

Summertime Fun

Summertime reminds me of berry picking, beaches, outdoor BBQ, and basically being outdoors. Wherever you may be in this world, go outside and enjoy yourself. Whether it’s going to farmers markets, parks, or just taking a walk around your neighborhood…..enjoy some fresh air. Strawberries remind me of summer and here are a few things you can do with strawberries. Try new things always! 😊


Value what you have now.

The importance of valuing what you have now is recognizing that the next moment won’t bring you happiness. If you are constantly chasing after the next moment because you think the next moment will bring you happiness you will miss the precious moments in front of you. At the time….the moment you are in may be taken for granted because that moment is so mundane to you. When you look back on your life, you’ll see each chapter WAS different. You took for granted your health, the people in your life and what was in your life. Circumstances always change so you really can’t take for granted any moment. Value what you have and never take for granted any moment. When you value everything you have now you will find there IS happiness in every moment. Be grateful😁 You’ll feel content and at peace when you are not running and looking for something to Make you happy.

Now I know there are upsetting moments in life which make it hard to see the value or positive in those moments….what you can do is pick yourself up and value your inner strength in those situations.  The light and joy You can bring to a negative situation is so rewarding. You are building your confidence so that you can handle anything life throws at you. There’s always good in every moment.🤔😎👌

Remember the Grass is Never Greener on the other side🌺


Having been on the open road across America for about 5 years, People always ask us How we are able to do what we do. The truth is that if it’s something that is meant for you…things have a funny way of working out. Travel is what we are good at, and we just chose to make the changes necessary to travel more often. The changes weren’t easy because the changes needed had an unknown element to them. Not knowing what could happen next can be scary, but if you let your fear govern you…you’ll never Live, you’ll just be trapped in the “safe zone.”

The “safe zone” is a life of predictability. You feel in control of your life because you know what to expect. There’s nothing wrong with living a “safe predictable” life…however there are still going to be unknown elements thrown at you. What I have learnt along our travels is that the more you make changes it becomes easier to face these unknown elements. Predictable just means you’re not use to change and you may panic or get frustrated because you’re bothered about not being in control of the situation. So…in a nut shell🤔Embrace change. Sometimes the change that is needed in your life has unknown results. Don’t let that stop you from letting you change your life for the better.

You only have one life to live, Live the Best adventure made for You. Every time you face your fears or scary unknowns You become stronger. Inner strength is the best kind of strength in Life😉

A change will do you good☺💓