I’ve traveled to so many places and I have been into a lot of businesses. I’d just like to mention one key important ingredient to any business🤔If you are a business owner remember that being kind is essential, do Not just be kind when someone is buying something. Be kind to everyone especially the People who don’t buy anything. It’s important not to forget the human element and that’s humanKindness. People matter, money is the bonus. This is important to remember.😇Have a nice dayIMG_2995



There are times in life when you can’t control everything. Natural disasters happen all the time. Landslides, tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes cannot be prevented. The best we can do is help each other through the natural disasters and after the natural disasters. If you live in an area that has had a natural disaster and you find that you are ok, open your doors to those in need. A hot meal can go along ways for someone who has just lost everything. If you have extra space in your house or know someone who does, open your doors to those who just lost everything. Imagine what the ones who lost everything are going through. Be the helping hand you would like to have in those situations.

It’s amazing how natural disasters bring the best of humanity out in all of us. If possible try to bring the very best out in yourself without a natural disaster. You can donate your time to a shelter or give to a food bank. Natural disasters shouldn’t be the only reason you have to be generous. Be kind always

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having been on the road for the past 6 years on this unplanned road trip across America we never know what to expect. Sometimes we end up some place that has an amazing event happening. This past success was the 2017 eclipse in Albany, Oregon. This unplanned road trip led us to this tiny town where people from all over the world traveled to, to watch the eclipse. Our intentions were never to be apart of this eclipse but as luck would have it…..we just happen to be here for that event. Life changing amazing to view an eclipse like the one we did. We also got to meet so many friendly people who taught us things of the eclipse and shared their special glasses with us. People shared their personal stories of chasing eclipses and living through eclipses in different parts of the world. This road trip has allowed us to connect with so many people and I am forever grateful for that.

Strangers are friends waiting to happen.

always take the roads less traveled

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Full circle

Food for thought….

sometimes I wonder if the things I learned in school helped prepare me for what I’d be experiencing now in life. I had a really special teacher who introduced his students to Life. He believed everyone had the power to make a difference. He opened doors to the world. He brought in guest speakers from all walks of life: homeless individuals, people who had aids, atheists, vegans, philosophers and even went as far as showing us videos about Mother Teresa and Gandhi’s lives…Everything you can think of this teacher felt it was important that everyone made choices for themselves from what he showed us. At the time, learning about so many walks of Life never really sunk in as anything important. Now,  I know those teachings were the fabric that made my Soul stronger. People are the fabric of Life. Everyone is different and unique and that is what makes the world special.

These teachings would inspire my compassion for the world. I truly believe my soul is meant to travel the world. Not just to see the pretty scenery, to connect with all souls of life. I’ve embraced everything that’s happened in my life because it made me a stronger person.

Learning at a young age that Family is more than just blood.

Traveling across America has taught me how to adapt to every situation and know that I’m capable of more than I give myself credit for.

Homelessness has to taught me to see the Magic in the simple things and the beauty in every soul. I once looked at backpackers and hitchhikers  as people you avoided. Now to me backpackers, hitchhikers, gypsies, and nomadic souls are individuals Souls that are brave enough to trust in the unknown. They see the balance in life.

Travel has opened doors to so many different possibilities. In a strange way Life has made a full circle for me. Those guest speakers prepared me for what I’d witness later in My life.  I once asked how can someone like Mother Teresa be so brave and trust in her faith and live in the slums of India and know she’d make a difference? I see now that the blind faith she had is something you can only truly know when you have let go of everything. That complete faith allows you to see that everyone in life is connected. One step at a time we can all make a difference. Mother Teresa knew the only way she’d ever make a difference was by taking those first steps.

Ask yourself what did you experience in your life during your childhood that you find is repeating now in your life. Most of the time we get to experience again the things we had happen to us as kids so we can make the changes we wish we could have during that time.

Life  repeats itself until you make the changes. Take those first steps to stopping the repeat cycle in your life. The negatives situations can make you stronger if you turn them into strengths. Don’t say these things keep happening to me….instead see how you can change those things from happening to you. Don’t complain about something, take steps to changing that situation.

I turned my hardships into my strengths, I hope that inspires you to do the same. Your Life is yours, you are responbile for how You feel. Things that happen to you don’t have power over you.

Take value in everything you learn. You make your own story. ✌️☮️💟💜💙


Along my travels across America I have noticed one small thing that can make a huge difference. As humans we should all be looking out for one another. Because someone can’t buy something shouldn’t be a reason to turn someone away because they don’t offer your business funding. If someone is just looking for a place to get out from the cold or use the restroom for whatever reason, they should be embraced regardless if they buy something. By saying you are only accepted because you are giving my business money is forgetting what it is to be HUMAN. Help someone by being there for them in that moment and one day that person may come back and buy something because a little kindness can go along ways. Be a better Human today and everyday.

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Markets,Farms& wild fires


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This unplanned road across America has been interesting. We’ve just missed tornados, hurricanes, ice storms and sink holes but sometimes things can’t be avoided. Like being in Washington when Canada is having it forest fires. It’s terrible to see smoke everywhere and even worse to see forests on fire. Praying for everyone. I share the things I see in my day.

Perspective is everything. Don’t limit yourself with excuses like I don’t have money or time because adventure is in every moment. Everything you do in life is an adventure. It’s all about how you want to see this moment. You can choose to be negative in every moment or choose to enjoy what you do have and let the positive flow to you in abundance. Your Vibe Attracts your tribe. Be kind always. And remember your LIFE is an adventure!


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Fruit picking in the summer is a must in person! Unplanned Road trip across America continued…Washington😁We never know where we’ll be and we plan for nothing. Nomadic gypsies are what we are. We live outside the box and enjoy what life brings to us. This adventure is blueberry picking! If you can, try to go to a farm that allows you to pick your own berries/fruit. Great family fun and an incredible learning experience! Always stay humble and kind! And be brave and take those backroads😁


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Simple life

life on the road for the past 6 years has been different. We sold everything and now we just travel around the United States like it’s our own backyard. Why not? There’s not one way that we all need to live by. I choose to live this way because I wanted to live my life now and not when I retired. I saw an opportunity and I took it. There are some uncomfortable moments but the incredibly amazing moments surpass those moments every time! I don’t travel to boast or brag, I simply want to share that everyone can do what they feel in there heart is right. You have to be brave and also ask yourself what do you really need to live your life. Do you need so many materials, cars or even a house to live with? You assume you need those things, but there are other creative ways to live with. You have to see what’s out there and what calls your heart.

Remember sometimes there are uncomfortable beginnings….but then amazing discoveries happen shortly thereafter. You can surprise yourself with what you are capable of. Be different and live your own story. Be your own kind of adventure. Get creative.

Enjoy my unplanned Washington road trip photos. Mt baker, Whidbey Island, Washington coast and so on. ☺💜


Road Trip Washington

Unplanned road trip across America continued….Washington.

We never know what we are going to do each day, we just wake up and drive. Which means our days are unpredictable. Sometimes where on a lavender farm, camping in the rainforests, or just taking a road less traveled to find some remarkable beaches. This lifestyle is not for the faint of heart. You have to really be creative on how you live. I prefer this way because I lived a planned life and I knew what would happen each and everyday….which is fine in all….however now that I have no plans and just go with the flow of what the day brings…I’m more in the moment and every second is an adventure and a learning experience. I’m way more calm and relaxed and I trust more in the unknown. Life is not stressful and I’m constantly better myself and the people around me. I live to inspire and I highly recommend trying to live without a plan. Live everyday as an adventure. Let loose and go without a plan for a while.

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Road trip Washington

There are so many wonderful places to see along the western coast of Washington. When I travel with my parents we make up 3 and I like to call ourselves the “coneheads.” We travel without a plan and we never know where the road is going to take us. We have been traveling this way for about 6 years now. These past 3 years have been road tripping unconventionally.

we have found that there are a lot of wonderful campsites in Washington. You can camp in national forests, along the beaches or inland. Washington is a state for anyone who is a fan of the outdoors. You can come across bald eagles ever day, deer, beats, chipmunks, and the occasional jolly marmot☺ One thing we have found Washington has a lot of is lavender farms. You can pick bundles or buy some extraordinary spa or lavender food products. We went to 7 different lavender farms in Sequim, Washington. This one cute couple who owns the “the lavender connection” offered free u pick lavender bundles for troops😎👌 Sequim also has lavender and music festivals. ☺

Wether your into camping, lavender farms and berry picking or just some extraordinary National Forests and Wild life refugees…..I recommend western Washington!👍👍👍 Plenty of seafood as well😮😁Get out there and explore, you don’t need a lot of cash to have fun. There are creative ways to travel. Don’t look back on your life and wish you would’ve done this or that. Just do it!

Into the unknown


Along our unplanned road trip across America that was only suppose to last a few months, we have taken some different routes. We are about to embark upon our adventure again into the unknown. We will go north for no other reason than to explore. We’ve learned that there Are other forms of traveling. If you truly Louve something you find a way. When someone says it cannot be done, find out for yourself if there is not another way to achieve what you feel in your heart to be true for yourself. I can honestly tell you I never wanted to travel into the Wild, however I have found out more about myself and taken down so many walls I put up within my soul that I am a more well rounded individual. This form of travel is our path in life, I share everything only to inspire you to be brave and follow what you know to be true even if there isn’t a path made……create one. Things will work out.

some quotes to inspire

“The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences and hence there is no greater joy than to have and endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.” Chris Mccandless

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” Confucius

“It is better to travel well than to arrive.” Buddha

“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” Lao Tzu

It starts with You

IMG_7465By simply changing your daily thought process to a positive thought process your life can change for the better drastically. Every time you feel depressed or angry, take a deep breath and start focusing on the positives in that situation. Be the Change you want to see in the world. If you want to see more kindness, be kind. If you want to fall in love with someone, love yourself. You want to see more positive in the world, be positive minded toward yourself. Everything you want in this world starts with the changes you make within yourself. The more positive minded towards yourself you are it cause a ripple effect that inspire others. If others see how positive you are, now they have a choice to be positive.🤔 Inspire positive change in People is a Good thing😁