Being different

IMG_7320It’s never right to judge People. You don’t know what People are going through, so it’s always best to be kind. If people choose to be different and or live differently don’t judge or make fun of them. Everyone is going to see life differently, there’s no wrong way to live. There are just different ways to live. For example: My Parents and I travel across America and Canada and we don’t plan anything, we just go wherever we feel in that moment. Some find this odd while others say it’s extraordinary that we are choosing to Live this way. It’s still hurtful when People say  it’s silly to Live the way we choose. We choose to be different because this is what makes US happy.

So instead of making fun or using hurtful words to look down on how someone who chooses to live differently….just acknowledge that there are other ways of living and praise them for being brave and trying something new.🌻IMG_7373


3 thoughts on “Being different

  1. So nicely said. We don’t plan anything either. We don’t want to miss the surprises. I would like to reblog your post. As it would be a good attention to my travel journal. Travel safe and take care.


    • That’s so wonderful to hear. Travel safely. It is quite an interesting soul discovering doing what you are doing. We thought it would only last for about a few months…..6 years later😂 Be brave and continuing to follow your heart. Thank you for reading my blog.

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